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Everybody loves water attraction in waterparks, especially family with children. The freshness of water that touches your skin is the best feeling ever. Also, there is always something special in waterparks, the rush of adrenaline caused by the challenging rides. You can really spend all day long together with your beloved family in this area. For the best waterpark experience, Wild Wadi waterpark in Dubai is the right choice. This waterpark is in the list of ten best attractions in Dubai, and this is not without reason.

Wild wadi bashing might be the right term for this park. The attractions are available from the normal level to the extreme level so you can choose in which level you are ready for. The rides are Breakers Bay which is the largest wave pool in Middle East. It is made this big so that it can accommodate many families. This rides does not have any age limitation so that young and old people can enjoy the 1,5 meter high waves in this pool. If you prefer the less dangerous wave for the sake of your baby, Flood River that has only 1 meter high wave can be your preference.

In the Wild Wadi water park, the most favorite among all rides is Ring Rides. These rides require the use of double or single ring to goes down below the slope. The rides in this category include Rushing Rapids, Tunnel of Doom, Falcon Fury, Tumble Falls, and some others. You are free to choose the ride based on your ability to cope with the rush of adrenaline that you will get in the rides. However, people with heart illness or phobia of darkness are not suggested to take these rides.

Another one that does not less exciting than the previous rides is Master Blaster or usually known as water roller coaster. The rides in this category are Wadi Leap, White Water Wady, River Flyer, Wadi Twister, Wadi Basher, and Falaj Fury. The wild wadi bashing roller coaster might be the best roller coaster ever since it will push your heart out but gives you the freshness of the water.

Jumeirah Sceirah is, maybe, the most exciting rides in wild wadi bashing park. The speed of 80km per hour falling down 33 meters ride will make you feel as if you are restless. The only thing that you need to prepare is yourself to be made tired by this unforgettable experience. Always remember that once you step on to the height you will never be able to go down with firm feet. Are you ready for this craziness?

After riding the craziest ride in this waterpark, Flowrider might bring you back to your body, or maybe not. This ride is an ultimate surfing ride with thrilling wave effect for those who love adventurous sports. If you think that you might not be able to handle this ride, try to take Juha’s Dhow instead. Although the system is almost the same, the surfing technology here is less thrilling and challenging. Plus, you can take this ride together with your family.

Within the area of 12 acres, wild wadi bashing is built to give the best treatment and sport for your heart. With all of the rides and fun that you will get here, the prices for adults of AED 200 for the all day ticket, AED 165 for the Sun Downer, and AED 2000 for the annual pass are very worth. Sometimes, you can also get the promotion ticket with special price, but do not forget to book your ticket so that you can skip the long line there.

After spending almost all day long in Wild Wadi Dubai, you can visit one of three restaurants in the area and spend more quality time with your family talking about the experiences that you experienced just today. Or if you do not feel like eating after all the craziness and excitement, you can fill your stomach or relieve your thirst at the snack stands that can be found in the area. Enjoy the bash of being in the water when you are in the middle of Dubai only in Wild Wadi.